Feed preservation carbon flakes

Feed preservation carbon flakes
Hold your breath…when you open your pets (fur-kid) ‘s dry food bag or snack bucket,
do you know that just the annoying smell of oil for your pets (fur-kid) ‘s? It is a potential health crisis.
Toxins due to rancidity of oil and fat in improper dry food storage. In particular, the deterioration will be accelerated due to the increase in moisture content so some people will put desiccant in the bucket but this cannot absorb excess oil, the effect is not much.
Why not try our solution
Our dry food preserver is made by premium activated carbon, it can absorb excess oil and moisture keep the dry food or snack fresh and crispy, can keep the dry food when use like new open in every single time.
Pets (fur-kid) ‘s happy to eat , no more unfresh food again and keep pets (fur-kid) ‘s healthy and you can feel it easy and save money.
It’s easy to use:
Just throw in the dry food bucket or bag and close it after you use.
Easy to observe the right timming to change the new product.
Each piece can use for 5 pounds of dry food or when the PP covers are oily which can swap it.
After use, you can smash it and buried in the garden, it can makes plants grow stronger.