New light fiber Cat Litter

New Light Fiber Cat Litter

This is our new light fiber cat litter. Common” tofu cat litter” is made from soybean or pea flour. It is rich in protein, easily deteriorated and fermented, requiring preservatives and antimicrobial agents. Our new light fiber cat litter is made of bamboo fiber so it doesn’t contain protein, no need to add preservatives and antimicrobial agents.

The new technology is the world’s leading market place in Taiwan. It made without spices. It absorbs water from cat litter bowl quickly and does not loosen up. The new technology does not contain protein, does not get rid of odor.

Most commercial tofu sand is a bar-shaped cat meat cushion, and the new light fiber tofu sand removes the sharp angle oval shape, does not sting the cat meat cushion, so the cat will feels happy when in the toilet.