De-odor mate ammonia attacker

De-odor mate ammonia attacker
We are the first one to create activated carbon with our film-coated technical for the cat litter deodorant. It’s easy to use and continuously effective to absorb the smell of the litter box
How to use:
   At first time use, sprinkle about 120cc(4 oz.) on the surface of the litter box and other things same as usual sefill , just only sprinkle a few(30cc or 1 oz.) on the surface of the cat litter. After you scoop the clumping litter, it’s easy to solve the annoying odor problem especially in small spaces like apartment. Because we have new formulation which can get rid of the smelling of ammonia, it is possible to effectively removes cat urine smell, also can make your litter more dry and clean because our products are not only deodorant but also adsorb water.
PREMIUM QUALITY: A combination of premium texture with the cat litter for maximum clumping creates litter particles in just right size.       
LOW DUST: Ideal for cats and owners who suffer from allergies with low dust and hypoallergenic technical.       
HARD CLUMPING: It does not influence clumping , it helps prevent moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray and forms. Hard clumps won’t break down, making its easier to scoop and smelling less.       
SUPERIOR ODOR CONTROL: Formulated for single or multi-cat households with a de-ammonia formula to keep your home smelling clean and fresh between litter box cleanings.       
LOW TRACKING: A film-coated formulation of the carbon surface, your
 pets (fur-kid) ‘s will not dirty your home decoration after using the cat litter box.